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Adventure Time: 30 Challenges To Enlightenment

Posted by YunaNova

For the past several months I have been becoming increasingly aware of how unfocused, reactive and distracted I am. I started seeing it when I wake up, the way I eat my meals, the way I think, feel, and behave.

I realize that I do not alow space to fully experience life! I am not present in my life one bit. My mind seems like one big tangled up ball of yarn.

I am someone that values growth a lot. So when I become aware that I am stuck somewhere, I try to find a way to transcend it.

This is one of the reasons, I have dedicated myself to go through the amazing obstacle course by HighExistence. Which is a platform for anyone who wants to learn more about a more conscious way of living.

The obstacle course is called 30 challenges to enlightenment. Which help you build habits into your life that help you to grow, break limting patterns, and to become a more kind and loving human being

The very first few challenges are dedicated to overcome the monkey mind. I am currently doing the “HighOnExistence” challenge. Which means that I do not use any non-prescribed drugs, drink coffee and smoke for 30 day.

I am very excited to start on this journey and I will write a blogpost after I finish every challenge to reflect back on what I have learned.

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